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How did the fork appear?

Have you ever wondered how the knife came into existence? Or the spoon and fork? Most definitely there is no one in the civilized world that doesn’t know how to use cutlery, but does everyone know how they appeared or the controversies they started at the beginning?   Which cutlery item do…
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Cook shui – Feng Shui

To have your kitchen decorated in a Feng Shui style it would be ideal to have it built in one of the four problematic sides of the head of the family (the father) and used as means to banish bad fortune. Even though the mother is the one who sustains the family, the kitchen must have an effect on father’s…
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Lady Gaga’s favorite tea – Kusmi Tea

The erratic Lady Gaga was seen many times sipping from her favorite cup of tea which she sold in a charity auction this year for $75.000, but not until recently did many knew what kind of tea does the singer like. Well, we’re talking about the world-wide famous Russian Kusmi Tea which has been…
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Chocolate taste world record

The overflowing 8 meter high delicious chocolate fountain in Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas became world’s highest chocolate fountain in the world. The impressive invention is made of a series of little chocolate - falls out of which white, black and milk chocolate are flowing. Almost a tone of tasty…
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