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To have your kitchen decorated in a Feng Shui style it would be ideal to have it built in one of the four problematic sides of the head of the family (the father) and used as means to banish bad fortune.

Even though the mother is the one who sustains the family, the kitchen must have an effect on father’s unlucky vibe. Thus the oven must be oriented towards one of father’s best directions.

Apart from the front door, the kitchen is the second most important space in the house. Feng shui specialists recommend that the kitchen be ventilated, and have a lot of light to attract as much positive energy as possible and to diminish as much as possible the yin type of chi, associated with the water element as informs us.



The kitchen represents safety, warmth and love

In the rural areas, the kitchen is the most important space in a house, because this is where the entire family gathers to eat and discuss, thus preserving a tight relationship between the family members. In turn, in the city a lot of people don’t use kitchens too often as they prefer to buy precooked food from the supermarket which can be cooked fast or they just eat in restaurants or in fast foods.

Usually the kitchen must be placed in a “bad” house area, as the fiery energy will “burn” the negative energy in that area and diminishes its impact on the dwellers. The fire energy should suppress the negative energies rather than the positive ones that should be activated.



Rules you should follow:

The kitchen mustn’t be anywhere near the bathroom – not near, on top, under or in front of- as in feng shui these rooms are incompatible.

Place the cooker in such a manner that you can see the entire kitchen and see the entrance door while you cook. Thus, the cook has full control over the energy in the room. Also, the oven mustn’t be placed in corners so the cook has more space to move. If this is not possible, then it’s indicated to hang a mirror on the wall where the stove is, 30 cm above it, for the entrance in the kitchen to be visible.

Do not mix fire with water and metal. The feng shui principles say that the stove ( fire) , the sink ( water) , and the fridge ( metal ) be opposed diametrically to create an energy conflict. The mixing of water and metal elements leads to discomfort in the house and attracts negative energy. If there is no way you can avoid placing them one by the other, to rebalance the energy try putting a green carpet or a plant between the two.

Keep the cook away from the window! The window is considered to be a positive element for chi which brings happiness, especially if it’s near a water source.

Electric hobs and microwaves are not recommended. They discharge radiations which go in to the food, hindering digestion and assimilation. Moreover, microwaves destroy subtle nutritious energies in the food ( food aura).



If you want to decorate your kitchen feng shui style you must take into consideration the spiritual side.

It would be ideal to have in the kitchen objects of religious significance, which have a good effect in avoiding possible accidents. You can hang on a wall an icon or a religious calendar as long as they are not in the direction of the entrance.

Translated by: Claudia Naiba

Author: Marina Plopeanu

Publicat in: iulie 2012
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