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Oktoberfest, translated "the october festival", is one of the most popular holiday in the world, celebrated in Munchen, Germany, where it was celebrated for the first time, from the middle of september to october.


The main idea of this festival belongs to a sergeant major from the Bavarian national guard. He suggested to be organized a horse race for the festivals of the marriage between Ludovic I, the prince of Bavaria, and the princess Therese von Hildburghausen. The idea was accepted and the horse race was handle on 17 october 1810, named by the princess "Oktoberfest".The festival location is still the same nowadays, situatted midlemost the railway junction of Munchen.


The celebration was starting around 20 september and finished last Sunday of october. Oktoberfest means the period when the first festival was open: 12-17 october 1810. But this tradition has change in 1872, because the weather was to cold to be handle outside.Name

At Oktoberfest the peolple drink beer, eat roast and sausages, fryed fish for those who prefer white meat. Also, for those who love sweets, they have fruits, ice cream, chocolate and candies. Also, a very popular sweet of the region: ginger bread!


The notoriety of the festival has cross the border, beside the Hanovra Oktoberfest, considered the most popular in the nord of Germany. There are festivals named Oktoberfest all over the world: America, Canada, Brazilia, Australia, China and Thailanda, and continued to disperse in other countries.

Also, Oktoberfest is organized in Romania, in this year was opened in Brasov, on 6 september, where was allowed 500.000 litres of beer, tones of sausages and bavarian music.


The festival has all kind of competitions, concerts and other surprises offered by the organizers. Every evening had an artistic bavarian and roumanian schedule.

This year, the festival will synchronyze with 3 october, when Germany will celebrate her national day.


In every year, Oktoberfest opens the border countries, he has the power to bring togheter unknown people, where they want to have fun, to change different impressions and to interact with other cultures and nationalities.

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