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I thought I was a coffee drinker but I was proven wrong. Yesterday, 21st of June 2012, I had the pleasure of being invited to the presentation of the new Lavazza espresSOunique coffee. The event took place in an intimate environment, at Botticelli Café on Bibescu Voda street, No 19.





RELAXATION is the word to describe the atmosphere that surrounded the launching of the new range of Lavazza coffee. In the canicular afternoon the AC welcomed us while we took a delight in the multiple ranges of coffee and delicious croissants. A different delight that we took in, were the evocative coffee drawings made by the young artist Silvia Mihailescu.

Among us was Mihai Scortea, Marketing Manager Aquila Group – the group of which Blue Coffee Service is part of, the official Lavazza supplier in Romania – who presented the new innovative specialties of the espresSOunique range and told us a bit about Lavazza coffee’s history.


And which way of knowing what a good coffee is other than tasting it?


This was Vlad Stefanescu’s area of expertise, representative of Lavazza Training Center - the espresso school opened by Lavazza in Bucharest- who made us some of the most delicious coffees and revealed to us a few of the new Lavazza recipes’ tricks and secrets.


Such a wide and diversified range as espresSOunique cannot be made without an adequate gadget. That’s why Lavazza created the Multifunctional Mixer, a revolutionary tool, which combines four of the most known functions: frothing of the milk, preparation of hot chocolate, mixing the frappe and the shaker.


I had the opportunity to taste the original combinations of fresh milk espresso, chocolate, delicious fruit syrups and crunchy toppings that can turn a simple coffee break into a moment of indulgence and pure pleasure.

We’ll share with you the secrets of the new Lavazza espresSOunique range which offers the widest variety of recipes and combines the most appetizing tastes and flavors.


EspresSOunique comes up with a new range of original recipes based on espresso which gives the unique quality of Lavazza coffee in diverse shapes, combinations of flavors and textures. Cinnamon, caramel, ginseng or ginger, are only a few of the many ingredients which flavor espresso in the latest recipes. The crunchy toppings, combining chocolate, biscuits, pistachio and cereals or white chocolate and meringue, transform the invigorating espresso into an irresistible dessert.


The Lavazza specialties were, thus, grouped in 4 categories:


PERFECT – traditional beverages such as espresso or cappuccino, perfectly prepared;

PLEASURE – specialties rich in taste, creamy and delicious make for a coffee break that you will long for: Mokaccino goloso, Latte goloso, Cremespresso and many more;

REFRESHING – a fresh and refreshing range of cold drinks like Ice cappuccino or Espresso Crema Shakerato;

BALANCE – the perfect balance between taste and authenticity in recipes based on decaffed espresso;

Of all coffee delights I tasted, the one that tickled my senses the most is Espresso Crema Shakerato, a refreshing combination of Lavazza Clasic espresso, ice and milk foam – an absolute delight. But I can’t rule out Latte goloso with espresso, pistachio and extra whipped cream, which could pass most likely for a delicious dessert than for coffee. To make these hot days cooler, I recommend a refreshing orange vanilla beverage from the Refreshing Range, a real indulgence for the mouth.


Eventually I had to leave but not empty handed. I got a little souvenir: a coffee drawing made by Silvia Mihailescu and a Lavazza coffee jar, of course.

I don’t know if I will be able to remake any of the recipes I fell in love with, but every time I want to indulge with a tasty flavored coffee I can go to one of the Lavazza coffee houses in Romania where I can find the new espresSOunique specialties.


Translated by: Claudia Naiba

Author: Marina Plopeanu

Publicat in: iulie 2012
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