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The erratic Lady Gaga was seen many times sipping from her favorite cup of tea which she sold in a charity auction this year for $75.000, but not until recently did many knew what kind of tea does the singer like. Well, we’re talking about the world-wide famous Russian Kusmi Tea which has been a delight for the gourmands for over 140 years.

Lady Gaga loves the Detox kind, recently launched by Kusmi, a mix of mate tea and Chinese green tea lemon flavored. It is excellent for body detoxification. The selection of the best leaves is how Kusmi Tea earned its fame. Nowadays there are over 70 kinds of teas under this brand, from ordinary teas to exotic ones like Rose Green TeaBoostPrince WladimirAnastasia,Saint Petersbourg or Be Cool.

Kusmi Tea History

Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff is the Kusmi brand inventor and he made it in this business after having worked for a tea salesman from Saint Petersburg aged 14. He taught him the art of mixing and infusing teas, and after a while the owner gave Kousmichoff a small place where he started his business in 1867. The tea named “the Flower Bouquet”  became the Tsar’s favorite. The Kousmichoff tea houses extended all over Russia and in 1917, Kousmichoff’s son opened one in London, and a workshop in Paris. Their predecessors were not able to continue the family business and they sold the bankrupt brand in 1972. In 2003 it was taken over by the Orebi brothers, well known for their successful business based on coffee and cocoa import and selling-off.

The Kusmi Tea headquarters is now in Paris, where it has been relocated after the 1917 Russian revolution. Generally, Russian teas made in Paris contain Chinese, Indian or Ceylon leaves, flavored with bergamot, citrus, cinnamon etc

Where can you find Kusmi Tea?

Places where you can get Kusmi Tea are Paris from St. Germain depress, Le Marais and Place Vendôme, Montreal, London and New York. In Romania this tea is available on with prices going from 103 to 396 lei per bag with multiple kinds of teas.
A new Le Manoir store opened last month in Bucharest – Comptesse du Barry, which offers haute de gamme made after exclusive recipes: fois gras, terrine, jambon, cured French cheese, caviar, bloated salmon, candied chestnuts and fruits, chocolate comfitures and praline. In Comtesse du Barry stores, which sell Kusmi Tea among others, the clients can also find fine drinks from champagne and cognac to the most famous wines in the world.

The Comptesse du Barry franchise is a part of Le Manoir Company from 2006, and 200.000 Euros were invested in the store in Bucharest. In total, Comptesse du Barry will have 6 stores in Romania, in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Constanta. The brand has been on the market from 1908 when Joseph and Gabrielle Dubarry began producing “the finest fois gras in the world”. The first store that sold Comptesse du Barry products solely opened in 1975.


Translated by: Claudia Naiba

Author: Adina Voicu

Publicat in: iulie 2012
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