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For hundreds of years the French live an endless love affair with cuisine, seasoned age changes and exotic foreign influences. Since 1675, when in Paris was founded first restaurant, French cuisine raised to the rank of art and gave the world famous sauces and pastries, specialty cakes and homemade sweets.

From medieval meals, containing only bread and cereal, France went through radical changes in gastronomy. In the mid-nineteenth century French, aristocrats are feasting on hearty meals, and later, in the twentieth century, "les chefs' stolen secrets from small to diversify international tourist menu.

Today, the "City of Lights" is the most popular for gourmets , which includ goose, roast rooster in wine, succulent meat dishes such as "boeuf bourgignon" and elegant desserts, such as "creme brulee". French cuisine even won an award for his contribution to UNESCO's "intangible cultural heritage". For example, the Latin Quarter invites you to enjoy the best crispy baguette sandwiches, cheese and ham, and around Montparnasse, you'll find the best crepes with Nutella or chestnut. If you want something selective, the Eiffel Tower elevator takes you to a unique restaurant "Le Jules Verne", where you see spectacular views of Paris while you're enjoying the best crawfish, soup-cream, caviar, roast beef, potato soufflé, dark chocolate praline and hazelnut ice cream.un mic dejun copios

Croissants are big and bulky, with not too many calories. Strong smell of baking oil and when you break it, you can say it is the most crispy croissant, which, however, contrasts with the interior creamy spiral. Inside maintain a good fresh crisp crust throughout the morning. You can hardly tell if salty or sweet, the two flavors are perfectly balanced.

Thierry Renard won the contest Meilleur Croissant (Best croissant) in 2008. Horn can be described in superlatives: easy, thin, airy interior, soft, rich flavor of butter. The exterior is diamond-shaped, with a stronger hand like a boomerang. The color is a light brown with dark brown random bands, where the dough was glazed with butter. When you bite it, make sure you have a tissue handy to catch snowflakes thin and crispy. The interior resembles a collection of flower petals: each layer expected to be removed in order to enjoy it.

Boulanger belongs to master chef, Frédéric Comyn, who in 2007 won the "Best Croissant". On her blog, Chez Pim, as he likes to be called, said he had a cliché when others asked him where he could find the best croissant. They said that the most delicious croissant is one you will find within walking distance of where they are staying. Now, in any direction you came, the nearest stop to enjoy breakfast must be Frédéric Comyn. Croissant in shades of brown and yellow sugar coated almonds has a dense interior, creamy. The smell of maple syrup combined with fresh dough reminds you of pancakes or a bread pudding.

Patisserie Le Figaro magazine ranked the first place in 2009 not only offers traditional croissants with butter, but also has its own creation Ispahan croissant. It contains almond cream combined with rose water and raspberry pieces. Cordon Bleu, Foie gras, ratatouille, coq au vin, Madelaine, profiterole, croissants, cafe au lait, Dom Perignon ... French cuisine is a cult! List of flavors, smells and delights goes on, because French cuisine has infinite resources. Well salad sprinkled with olive oil, cheese, snails and clams, and wine scented tarts. French cuisine have soufflés, mayonnaise, Savarin,  boeuf salad, muscle Chateaubriand and asparagus gratin.

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