The breeze of October

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October has already begun to leave the hills yellow and red carpets! October is favorable to discover new recipes, original, tasty, dripping with passion of cooking. It is also time for organizing festivals, days of the city, dedicated in honor of wines or high yields. These festivals are a great opportunity to meet new people with which can exchange an idea or  interact.

One such festival is called "Vegetarian Festival" held on a Thai island, located about 700 km away from the capital Bangkok, and gathers annually, thousands of locals and tourists from all over the country, but also from other parts of the world . "Vegetarian Festival" takes 10 days, during which participants refrain from eating meat, alcohol, sex.

Halloween, another internationally recognized festival, involves people disguise frightening, walking on the streets and trying to scare more people! Another festival with a reputation is "Festival of Light" or "Diwali", a joyful celebration that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Consists of large and small lighting candles called 'Diyas', lit to symbolize the personal victory of good over evil and the return to faith.

October Saints Holy Procoavă (October 1) is covering the ground with snow. It is especially important for girls life because he rescue them, giving the chance to marry soon. We dedicate the first week of which we speak.

The St. Paraskeva (October 14) is a very important holiday for Romanian people. Her relics are in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi for hundreds of years. Saint Paraskevi is the patron of Moldova. Thus, the Akathist written specifically for her is called "holly of ​​Moldova". What is known about the holy life? He was born in the first half of the eleventh century to Epivat (today Boiados) in Thrace, the Sea of ​​Marmara, near Constantinople. It is said that, at the age of ten, he heard it in church reading "Whoever wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take his cross and follow me (Mark 8, 34) . These words have impressed much that he left his parents and retired "deep in the wilderness".

One night, however, at the age of 25 years, an angel appeared to her in a dream and told to leave the wilderness and to return to the land of his birth. Turned to Epivat, without telling anyone who she is and where she comes from, she died. He was buried as a foreigner, nobody knew who she was. But, later, Christians who lived there had to bury the dead body of a shipman whoa was brought ashore by the waves. In that moment, they found St. Parascheva body full of fragrance".dovleac de toamna

Great Martyr Demetrius, patron of Thessaloniki (celebrated on October 26) lived in the third century. St. Demetrius remained Christian and became a preacher of the faith. Emperor Maximian ordered to be pierced with spears. But instead of blood, the body of the martyr came ointment. Relics of Blessed Demetrius, named "the new" or "Basarabov", the protector of Bucharest (celebrated on 27 October), are in the capital cathedral. He was born in XIII century and became a monk in the village Basarabi, a monastery nearby. He sat in a cave carved into the rock, where he spent the rest of his life, completely isolated from the world.

It's time to let ourselves be guided by the breeze of October, also, by the scents that surround every corner of nature, it will be much easier to live each moment as it would be among the last of our lives!

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