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We were curious to find out how important domestic appliances are from the high-class range so we went to talk with the agents of one of the biggest companies in the field, in Romania. It’s not worth having a machine like this if you don’t know what his functions are and how good it is. With a list of questions and very curious, we headed to Electrolux headquarters to talk to Carmen Georgescu - Marketing and Communication Manager Electrolux Romania. We found out what the company has prepared for us in the near future.


Eater Magazine: How important are the high-class accessories for the personal kitchen?

The studies made by the Electrolux Group among consumers around the world have shown that they are willing to pay more for premium domestic appliances which have multiple functions that make housework much easier and have a unique design. For example consumers will pay 10% more for a machine that makes less noise then others. This may seem surprising for Romania, but a local market research conducted last year revealed similar results. 57% of the Romanian population considers that a machine easy to use and with simple commands are what they need, while for 43% it’s important the technological innovation. Even though they want easy- to- use domestic appliances, they actually prefer the complex ones with multiple functions ( 38% ), that respond in real time to multiple needs. Only 23% considered that price is an important criterion to pick this kind of accessories.


E. M.: Which was the best sold Electrolux product?

Electrolux Romania can’t comment on the sales or the results registered on the local market, but at the Group’s level, the best sold equipments are the washing machines. Apart from these we also have the cordless Ergorapido vacuum cleaner - a product that has received many awards not only for the technical performances but for design too.


E. M.: What are Romanians’ preferences concerning high- class machines?

Consumers’ mentality in Romania has begun to change and I think that producers that invest in green appliances have an important role in public education. For example, the price criterion is not the most important anymore. Their decision is based mostly on other advantages such as low energy and water consumption - in the case of washing machines, dish washers – innovative functions and design. Women are the ones that look for equipments with special modern design that fit perfectly in their kitchen. In the past few years, consumers are attracted more and more by appliances that give a touch of elegance to their kitchen, like the ones that combine metal with black glass.

At the function level, products that have only the basic function are less looked for; now, a washing machine has to have incorporated a dryer and / or a “soft ironing” or “plies reduction” program so that the clothes be easier to iron. An oven isn’t supposed just to bake, it also needs to offer multiple cooking level platforms, be able to cook more than one food at the same time, come with a meat demonstration and have auto cleaning option – pyrolytic or catalytic. As technology advances, people realize that they can ask for more from their appliances and that they don’t need to spend a lot of time doing housework, as their modern machines do almost everything for them.


E. M.: What does Electrolux have in addition to other companies alike in Romania?

We have 100 years of experience; a deep understanding of the consumer and his real needs. Electrolux is the company that makes the most market researches to better understand and permanently adapt to the real needs of the consumer. Moreover, we take our inspiration from the young generation who always come with new and unexpected ideas for appliances of the future, completely different from what already exists. To reward these ideas, Electrolux organizes every year the Design Lab competition – a challenge addressed to students and industrial design graduates from all over the world, to conceive equipments for the future, with a high degree of interaction and multi - functions. The competition has reached its 10th year and complete details on what Electrolux Design Lab means can be found on site.

Another advantage that places us way ahead of the competition is the professional experience. The fact that for 90 years Electrolux has developed and continues to develop professional appliances, with special functions which lately have been adapted to household. Globally, one of 3 hotel ranges and one of two chefs decorated with Michelin stars chose to equip their kitchen or laundry with professional Electrolux equipment.

Translated by: Claudia Naiba


Publicat in: iulie 2012
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