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The British researchers have come up with the healthiest possible menu. After years of research, when 4,000 commercials that have been used producers and supermarkets to tempt consumers, were analyzed, researchers from Leatherhead Research - an independent organization- have managed to find out which are the healthiest foods. The result was a combination between tasty foods which are also healthy, reports Daily Mail.


We wanted to prove that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. We ran dozens of tests each year concerning food taste and we got to a singe conclusion: no matter how healthy a dish is, if it’s not tasty, it will not sell.” Dr. Paul Berryman- head of Leatherhead organization, declared.


The “wonder” menu includes a series of healthy food, which have been divided into the three main daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The snacks between meals were not missed either.


The entree is made of fresh and bloated salmon terrine, with Omega 3 and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) good for the arthritis, heart and brain. The terrine must have on the side a salad with extra virgin olive oil, good for maintaining the cholesterol at a normal level.



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A chicken lentil and vegetables dish represent a nourishing and healthy meal that corresponds to the requirements of 80 of the tests ran by researchers from Leatherhead Food Research. Proteins from this meal help muscles grow, and pantothenic acid from lentil reduces the fatigue and improves mental performance.

For dessert, a yoghurt mixed with nuts and caramel sauce without sugar is said to be perfect for digestion, teeth and glucose control in the blood.

The presence of guar gum (E 412) in dessert can help maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol while lactose helps accelerating digestion.


The nuts from the dessert are considered a super-food. The consumption of 30 grams per day helps improve blood vessels’ elasticity.


Also, the researchers have included in the menu a drink that can improve physical shape. Its ingredients contain nutritious elements like calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, selenium and magnesium. Among other things, the researchers recommend a forest fruit shake, considered a meal by those who are on diet. This can help lose considerable weight for those who want to keep a strict diet.


Doctor Paul Berryman, Leatherhead Food Research director, thought that this menu could be served by airlines.



Translated by: Claudia Naiba

Author: Marina Plopeanu

Publicat in: iulie 2012
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